A New Lawn For The Nonantum Resort

    A busy 2017 season and a snowy grand finale to the 8th annual Fire and Ice Festival combined with salt water damage from a surging Kennebunk River resulted in severe damage to the resorts grounds.  Check out the portfolio page for more pictures and info on this project!


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    Putting the Pieces Back Together

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    When this winter’s nor’easter sent torrents of sea water down this property’s brick walkway and patio it caused immense damage.  The water churned the existing walkway and base into a landslide along with dismantling the upper patio area.



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    2018 Nor’Easter Damage and Repair

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    After a series of crushing nor’easter storms that slammed into our coast this winter/spring we had our hands full repairing all the damage caused and getting the properties back up to par for the 2018 summer season.

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    Belgian Block Driveway

    This Belgian block (or cobblestone) driveway really accents this 19th century captains home in Kennebunkport.  It was a lot of work but the end result speaks for itself and matches the esthetic of this beautiful old home

    IMG_7204 (1) IMG_7218 IMG_7227 (1)

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    Bluestone Patios

    These bluestone patios are often the perfect answer for someone looking to add a simple, less invasive, yet antiqued looking sitting area.  Here we not only added a new patio sitting area in the lawn, but also greatly expanded a previously existing stone BBQ area.

    IMG_7049 IMG_7057 grill stoneIMG_7062

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    New Driveway for a New Carriage House

    Recently a client decided it was time to build a carriage house for expanding antique car collection.  Not long after its completion the owner noticed how many 3/8″ stones (often referred to as pea stones) were being tracked into his new garage from the tire treads of his vehicles.  The solution came with this 5 brick system from Cambridge Pavers edged with cobblestones.

    IMG_7040 IMG_7043 IMG_7045

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    Blue Stone Patio

    You may recognize this property from an earlier post titled “Driveway Neglect”.  After the homeowner had a back deck installed, he decided it’d be nice to continue the outdoor seating and congregating area by adding a simply blue stone patio.

    IMG_6851 IMG_6852

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    New Look for an Old Home

    Once the interior renovations on this classic Kennebunkport home where complete the owners shifted their attention to the outside.  Beginning with regrading and seeding several lawn areas, we then moved to installing new drip zones and planting beds around the foundation, courtesy of Kerry Mendez of Perennially Yours LLC ( and ending with new stone work for the front and side entry.  The new walkway makes for clear and easy egress to and from the front porch, and the new patio is perfect for BBQing or enjoying a beautiful afternoon watching the kids play in the drive.

    IMG_6723 IMG_6724 IMG_6727 IMG_6729 IMG_6731

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    Pathway to the Beach


    After regrading homeowners yard and installing a stepping stone walkway, the owners now have any easy way walk down to the ocean.

    IMG_6604 IMG_6605



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    New Retaining Wall

    Fed up with the chipmunk motel and a colony of bees living in an old boulder retaining wall that runs parallel with a clients main entry, they decided it was time for a change.  After demoing and hauling off the old wall, we installed the proper gravel base and built a new, chipmunk free, wall using 3″ wall block capped with a course of 12″x2″ granite.  We finished the project off by removing all the old soil from the foot of the wall and replacing it with a 50/50 mix of compost and new soil so the homeowner could replant her garden.

    IMG_5832 IMG_5833 IMG_5834 IMG_5837 IMG_5838

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